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From Our Employees

I have had an enriching journey at NomiSo, where every day brings new opportunities to explore cutting-edge technologies. The flat hierarchy fosters a collaborative environment, allowing me to freely contribute ideas without barriers. Encouraged by the vibrant culture,  and energy have propelled us towards shared goals with remarkable momentum.

Matul Shekhar

NomiSo’s employee friendly culture was clearly evident from the first contact. The interviews with the co-founders were pleasant and the discussions were frank and forthright, which convinced me that I would be joining a set of good people. And it has only been a great work experience ever since.

Raaj Prasad

Nomiso’s hiring process was seamless, transparent, and incredibly supportive. From the moment I applied, I was impressed by the professionalism and efficiency of the hiring process. The team’s clear communication and supported throughout. It’s a privilege to be part of such a dynamic and forward-thinking team, and I look forward to contributing to our shared success.

Sunny Goel

My tenure at NomiSo has provided me with an outstanding professional journey, enabling me to broaden my skillset and assume versatile roles.

Murwa Farah

I’ve had an outstanding experience collaborating with the Nomiso team. I’m truly impressed by the leadership’s unwavering dedication to customer service and their passion for excellence. Their technology-led approach to streamline processes and solve business challenges is amazing.

Deepak Jain

During my QA automation hiring experience, I went through a rigorous interview process that included technical assessments, coding challenges, and discussions about my automation testing expertise, showcasing my ability to ensure software quality through automated testing solutions. I had the opportunity to demonstrate my ability to create efficient and reliable automated test scripts.

Nivas Sahoo

The overall hiring experience was incredibly smooth, responsive, and highly interactive. The process was seamless and efficient from the moment I submitted my application. The Leadership team quickly acknowledged my application and provided regular updates throughout the process, keeping me informed every step of the way.

Vishal Khera

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